Welcome! My name is Lauren and I’m a Doula & Artist serving the Baltimore area.

What is a Birth Doula?
 A birth Doula is a person who is trained to assist a mother-to-be during childbirth. She provides support before, during and after childbirth.
 High numbers of positive birth experiences happen with the presence of a Doula. Women are less likely to need pain-relief medications and less likely to have a cesarean birth. Women also have more positive childbirth experiences. In fact:

Possibility of a cesarean drops by 50%

She did it! Both parents excited to welcome their baby boy. Photo taken by Ren the Doula.

Length of labor decreases by 25%

Requests for an epidural drop by 60%

My work surpasses the simple definition of a Doula. I start by trying to understand your

desires, fears and direction. I get to know you and your family to see the best way I can Doula! During your journey into motherhood, you are connecting to your ancestors and welcoming another generation into this world. My goal is to help you become confident in your ability to bring forth life in a positive and nurturing environment.
In supporting you, I nurture the nurturer. If you are able to have a positive birth, that experience will lead you to an easier postpartum. Your journey could impact whomever you share your experience with. This is how we reshape our view about birth.

“A Doula with a Camera”

Having the resources to capture those moments of labor is simply amazing! I offer photography services for mothers who are interested in seeing themselves and documenting such a powerful experience. If the mother is getting the physical and emotional support from a partner or family member, I feel confident in offering this service when I see fit.

Art Around Birth

While birth & postpartum are the base of my work, I also use art therapy to help strengthen the journey between mother and child. It can also be used to help older children adjust to the new baby. I believe that art is an important tool that is usually not considered in the birth experience. I offer a wide variety of services, including belly cast, placenta art and photography. I also host art-centered events for families and new mothers.

May your journey to motherhood be empowering.