Welcome! My name is Lauren. I am a Doula and artist serving the Baltimore area. I’m very passionate about birth. My goal is to educate and change the negative perception of birth.

What is a birth doula? A woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.

My work surpasses the simple definition of doula. By using holistic techniques birth can be less intimidating and more rewarding to the people who are experiencing it. During a women’s journey into motherhood we have the ability to connect to our ancestors and welcome another generation into this world. My goal is to help women become confident in there abilities to bring forth life in a positive and nurturing environment. If mothers are able to have a positive birth experience, that experience will lead to a easier postpartum. Her journey could impact whomever she shares her experience with. This is how we reshape our view about birth.

While birth & postpartum are the base of my work I also use art therapy to help strengthen the journey between mother and child. I believe that art is a important tool that is usually not thought of in the birth experience. I offer a wide variety of services including belly cast, placenta art & photography.

May your journey to motherhood be empowering.

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