“Birth with a Supportive Partner (Dadla)” 24×30 oil on canvas

Welcome! My name is Lauren and I am a doula and artist serving the Baltimore area. My personal journey has led me to become passionate about birth. If you are interested in hearing my person story click here.

High numbers of positive birth experiences happen with the presence of a doula. Women are less likely to need pain-relief medications and are less likely to have a cesarean. Doula’s are also able to support families who are in need of medical intervention.

As a Doula my goal is to provide families with physical and emotional support throughout their birth experience. Each birth experience is unique and every mother has different needs. Birth is beautiful and can be done with art as a intention. My goal as an artist is to connect the two and create images that represent those special moments.


Interested in my work as a doula?  Contact me for a consultation visit.

Art has given me a voice throughout my life. Creating art is therapeutic and can be a unique tool for new mothers and supportive families. My goal is to place art in the hands of pregnant women, new mothers, & supportive families and birth workers.

Art has been a hidden gem for most of us. Art is such a diverse way of communicating. If we are happy, we might take advantage of colors that highlight our emotions. If we are anxious, we might use soothing patterns to help us adjust and slow down. We can communicate whatever we are feeling and experiencing just by what we create, and sometimes we create things without a formal purpose and yet it’s still great art. Art allows us to get lost in our own thoughts while giving us the ability to share personal experiences without saying a word. We can communicate through art with color, shapes, figures, marks, and so many other things.

If you are in the Baltimore area check out my facebook page. I will be hosting art events!


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